• Over a long weekend in June I visited Madrid, a vibrant city with so much to see and do, 
    the busy days and late night tapas made the trip a real experience.

    All images copyright 2012 Lucy Smith
  • In August I spent a week in Zadar, Croatia enjoying the architecture, climate and local cuisine.

    All images copyright 2012 Lucy Smith

  • I volunteered an afternoon every week at The Architecture Centre in Bristol before starting with my current practice. I worked with the centre staff to help maintain the public exhibitions and support events taking place in the gallery. I also helped to promote The Architecture Centre through social media marketing. 

    Focusing on both the local built environment and hosting talks and exhibitions from across the country, the centre aims to champion better buildings and places by demonstrating the value of good design through education and events. 

    My role allowed interaction and discussion with the public on many issues within architecture and an opportunity to gain a greater understanding of the city.

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    If you are interested in seeing my professional portfolio, please do not hesitate to get in touch: e.lucysmith64@hotmail.com   m.07720814220 or have a look through my various posts on the website which contain samples of my diploma work.