• Mottisfont Abbey: Architecture

    Based on a group strategy using a set of predetermined 'rules', the brief for this design was to create an enclosed garden for human interaction. The site strategy focused on 'view and choices', a continuity in material and experiencing the site in relation to scale.

    Further to this was my personal aim to embrace the design approach of Biomimicry, learning from nature, to produce a space which interacts with its environment and changes according to the various conditions in which it exists.

    As a result of both spending time in an artist workshop and the process of film making, my interpretation of creating an enclosed garden is based on a place which supports human interaction through changing scales of shelter and exposure. Due the position of the site the proposal was to create a transition zone between key elements within the garden; using a framework to support a system of planting the sense of place dramatically changes with the seasons and highlights the important relationship between the natural and man made.

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    1. Mother nature is so beautiful. An enlightening and a very positive article. The designs are all funky yet decent at the same time. Looking forward to see more work by you.

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