• Chosen for 'Orange and Green' international internship placement, I worked & lived in Seville, Spain for 10 weeks with EDDEA, on large international and more local regional architecture & design projects. All thanks to Beam in Wakefield and the EU Leonardo Da Vinci fund. Check my latest blog on www.tenweeksinseville.co.uk

  • Over a long weekend in June I visited Madrid, a vibrant city with so much to see and do, 
    the busy days and late night tapas made the trip a real experience.

    All images copyright 2012 Lucy Smith
  • In August I spent a week in Zadar, Croatia enjoying the architecture, climate and local cuisine.

    All images copyright 2012 Lucy Smith

  • I volunteered an afternoon every week at The Architecture Centre in Bristol before starting with my current practice. I worked with the centre staff to help maintain the public exhibitions and support events taking place in the gallery. I also helped to promote The Architecture Centre through social media marketing. 

    Focusing on both the local built environment and hosting talks and exhibitions from across the country, the centre aims to champion better buildings and places by demonstrating the value of good design through education and events. 

    My role allowed interaction and discussion with the public on many issues within architecture and an opportunity to gain a greater understanding of the city.

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    If you are interested in seeing my professional portfolio, please do not hesitate to get in touch: e.lucysmith64@hotmail.com   m.07720814220 or have a look through my various posts on the website which contain samples of my diploma work.


    Can an intervention celebrate the importance of Berber medicinal knowledge, and support the well being of the Berber community?
    By Lucy Smith & Joanna Wickham

    This project is a collaboration and investigation combining two complimentary design approaches and thesis interests. The first exploring the benefits of learning from nature, tradition and knowledge to inform architectural design, through interaction and understanding. The second a testing of the notion of architectural authenticity within such a rich and diverse cultural environment, to celebrate the traditions of the Berber community.

    Our mutual belief in a holistic approach to well being within the community, and the role architecture has within this, creates an exciting foundation for a thesis proposition. Through an ongoing collaboration a greater depth of investigation and testing of the thesis ideas can be achieved; benefiting both the project and the resulting schemes.

  • Diploma design project based in Setti Fatma a small settlement in the High Atlas Mountains south of Marrakech, Morocco. This thesis project aims to support the future of Setti Fatma through establishing a framework which links local events, spaces and people. Using architecture as points of intersection designed to sustain the ecology of the site, while providing opportunities for both the community and visitors to the Ourika Valley.
  • Based on a group strategy using a set of predetermined 'rules', the brief for this design was to create an enclosed garden for human interaction. The site strategy focused on 'view and choices', a continuity in material and experiencing the site in relation to scale.

    Further to this was my personal aim to embrace the design approach of Biomimicry, learning from nature, to produce a space which interacts with its environment and changes according to the various conditions in which it exists.

    As a result of both spending time in an artist workshop and the process of film making, my interpretation of creating an enclosed garden is based on a place which supports human interaction through changing scales of shelter and exposure. Due the position of the site the proposal was to create a transition zone between key elements within the garden; using a framework to support a system of planting the sense of place dramatically changes with the seasons and highlights the important relationship between the natural and man made.